A Legal Document Summarizing The Agreement Between Parties

WindowSight is required to remove all content assigned by the artist at the time of termination of the contract, with the exception of assigned content used for WindowSight`s application or announcement, which will be removed after the end of the advertising campaign. At the time of termination of the contract, the artist is paid if his account has reached the set minimum of € 100. WindowSight may cancel and terminate the contract if one of the following reasons occurs: the text extracted from the PDF document does not contain informative characters to be removed. These signs reduce the effectiveness of our models, as they provide unnecessary counting reports. The following function uses a series of regex find and replace functions and an understanding of the list to replace these characters with a space. The following functions were used for this process, and the resulting document contains only alphanumeric characters. The document concept matrix was formatted into a panda data framework to take a look at the dataset, as shown below. This data frame indicates the word count of each term in the document. Without being formatted as a data frame, the Matrix document concept exists as a Scipy Sparse matrix and must be converted to a dense matrix with todense () or toarray (). The scikit-learn CountVectorizer module was used with a minimum parameter setting to present the clean document as aTermMatrix document.

This is because modeling requires character sequences to be presented as integers. The RentVectorizer shows how many times a word appears in the list after the stop words have been removed. These results coincide very well with the document (TRADEMARK AND DOMAIN NAME AGREEMENT). A summary is usually a one-sided structure of a longer memo, business plan, press release, legal agreement, or important document. The summary should concisely communicate the why, what and how of the problem for a busy leader who does not have time to deal with the details. You should assume that although the reader is interested in the topic and understands the broader concepts, he is not familiar with the details. As a general rule, the reader should be able to intelligently discuss the topic after reading the summary. Explain why the legal agreement is important. Since the reader probably won`t be an expert in this area, he or she will need you to explain the importance of this agreement. Was the price abnormally advantageous, the preparation time particularly short or the penalties very high if the orders were not executed on time? Explain the strengths and, if so, the weaknesses of the agreement. Remember that if you were the driving force behind the agreement, this is also an appropriate time and perhaps the only time to claim recognition of your benefits. The personal data provided by the parties in this Agreement shall be processed in accordance with European data protection rules.

By integrating themes 2, 3 and 5 obtained through Latent Dirichlet allocation modeling, with the Word Cloud generated for the legal document, we can certainly deduce that this document is a simple legal link between two parties for a transfer of domain names protected by the trademark. The parties acknowledge that the legislation applicable to this Agreement will be Spanish law. Neither party may transfer or assign to third parties the rights and obligations arising from this Agreement without the prior written consent of the other party. For the entire legal document, a Wordcloud was also generated in order to note the most common terms in the document, as shown in the following figure….