Agreement Format For Amc Of Computers

Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement, each party will return to the other party any confidential information that has not been previously returned. 2. Retraining of office staff after the first training. The first training will take place after the signing of the agreement in which our technical staff provides first-level troubleshooting training All written information and data expressed confidentially by one party for the execution of this agreement and communicated to the other will be treated confidentially and each party undertakes to treat such confidential information with the same care, How it can properly handle its own confidential information The customer may terminate this contract in writing with a period of 1 month, and if Bluechip Computer Systems wishes to terminate this contract, Bluechip Computer Systems will inform the customer in writing 1 month in advance. In the event of termination of the contract, all deposits paid by the customer to Bluechip Computer Systems are refunded. If this contract is terminated after six months, the remaining 50% is not due. In the event that Bluechip Computer Systems does not send a technician within the specified number of hours, the customer reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice and the aforementioned termination clause will not apply. 2. That only authorized persons are designated to contact Bluechip Computer Systems, and in case of modification of this person, the customer must inform Bluechip Computer Systems immediately. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT 9. Bluechip Computer Systems checks/updates antivirus files on all servers and PCs covered by the CMA. Antivirus patches on systems should not be more than a week older. 4.

AMC of the customer`s branches, if and for as long are not mentioned in the contract. Support staff will be on site if and if necessary by the customer, but the response time will be based on the priority mentioned above. Bluechip Computer Systems normally sends its customer support engineer according to the priority set by the customer. 3. As part of the corrective maintenance, Bluechip Computer Systems will repair and repair all failures, failures and failures of the devices. 8. AMC supports updating security patches on operating systems, which must be performed immediately after they are released by the customer, with the customer`s consent. 5.

Physical damage or damage due to viruses/power outages/power outages are not covered. Bluechip Computer Systems would assess the damage and, if necessary, inform space design of the new BOQ and charge hardware, software or implementation fees. Normal or critical priority would be given depending on which devices need to be repaired or re-ordered. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked with *. . . .