Agreement Vertaal Nederlands

Our highly qualified translators are native speakers and have several years of experience in contract translation. In addition, we are one of the few translation offices in the Netherlands to work with an experienced team of in-house translators. The reflection on the issues concerns the translation is therefore much better and faster. The Perfect translation office has two certificates that are the leaders of the Dutch translation sector. The Iso-9001 and ISO-17100 certificates require us to have each translation verified by an experienced expert and to work exclusively with highly qualified legal advisors. It is precisely in the case of contract translation that this method is important, as a small translation error can already lead to misinterpretation. Our legal translation office has a professional legal translator at all times who can provide you with a regular or urgent translation. Indeed, the translation office JK Translate has set up a vast network of translators from which an appropriate translator can always be used for your translation of the contract. Do you have a contract to translate? As a translation office, JK Translate is the ideal translator for translating contracts of different types. A contract is a binding legal document for all parties, a reason sufficient to ensure that the respective rights and obligations of these parties are clearly articulated and translated correctly. Our experienced legal translators, sworn translators and regular translators provide a professional and clear legal translation in every language desired. The fact that this is also possible at an attractive price is a great plus for our legal translation office. You see first, then you think? Ask for a free offer today and let yourself be convinced.

An important point in advance: all translations from our legal translation office are subject to confidentiality stipulated in a confidentiality agreement that you can request from us. Not only our translators, but all our employees are bound by professional secrecy. For many clients, this is an immediate problem, as contracts and (employment) agreements are in principle always confidential and should be treated as such. For example, the translation of a treaty or treaty into English must be done in a very precise way. It is therefore important to call a specialist. Legal documents such as contracts and employment contracts are translated by us one by one to guarantee the legal content of the document. It goes without saying that we will ensure that the text is linguistically correct. Our sworn and regular translators can convert your contract into different languages, not only in known world languages, but also in any other language. Care and precision are the “magic words” of our legal translation office. All of our legal translators work very precisely and are aware that your contract or agreement is a legal document that commits you. So you translate 1-on-1 content to make sure every word has been translated correctly.

Our legal translators are not only qualified, but they also have a long experience in legal translation of contracts, among others. . Results: 637. Exactly: 637. Time elapsed: 230 ms. Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, more. . Ask for a free offer now and receive it within 2 hours. A contract or contract usually contains confidential information that must be treated discreetly. The Perfect translation office has included an article in its terms and conditions of sale to ensure confidentiality.