Android Studio Accept The Sdk License Agreements

You can have two Android SDKs on your computer. Be sure to check both ~/Library/Android/sdk and/usr/local/share/android-sdk! If you are not sure uninstall Android Studio completely from your computer and start with a clean vest. The Android licensing logic in Flatter Doctor is implemented with sdkmanager –licenses, it seems correct. Try cleaning up the floating project and opening the Android project with Android Studio. You can think of it as a pure Android project and check why it happens. The problem arises when some of your Android modules need to be compiled with an SDK that is different from the main image (in this case 28). Licenses are not signed. android update sdk –no-ui –all –filter build-tools-25.0.1,android-25,extra-android-m2repository The Android tool is outdated and you should use the sdk manager instead. sdkmanager also writes the license file if you accept it for the first time. The license changes depending on the SDK you are using, so although the command I placed on this error when I ran cordova build android, I use the Cordova Push plugin for push notifications I installed Google Repository and Google Play Services packages by android SDK Manager, but every time I run ionic Build Android to create Build, it gives me the following error.

If you run a build via the command line or use Android Studio 3.3 or higher, Gradle can automatically download the missing SDK packages on which a project depends, if the corresponding SDK license agreements have already been accepted with the SDK Manager. @kangwang1988 my steps: 1.Flutter Download and Path settings. Floating Doctor 3.Install Android Studio. flutter doctor –android-licenses. 5.Open AVD Manager, create a virtual device -> Next -> Select the system image -> load API level 27 -> Continue to complete >. run run -> problem appears. 7.Repeated execution Flatter Doctor –android-licenses and ./sdkmanager –licenses, the problem cannot be solved. 8.Open Android Settings studio, you will find Android SDK, Only Android SDK 9.0 is enabled here. 9.checked Android SDK 8.0 8.1 and download, Apply and OK.

The problem is resolved. None of the command lines worked for me on Windows, but if you go to tools > SDK and download another SDK, you`ll be prompted to accept licenses. It took hours of research. I had already updated on the command line and I guess the Android SDK manager has a more comprehensive way to dissolve dependencies, including the license. $ANDROID_HOME/bin/sdkmanager –licenses –sdk_root=$ANDROID_HOME to create the current $ANDROID_HOME/license folder on your computer. This would have the same result as the process described in the msg error link ( Here`s what I tried: Flatter Doctor –android-licenses and PS C:UsersaiqinAppData Local Android Sdktools bin> ./sdkmanager –licenses works on some systems. It won`t work on everyone.

Some SDK installations expect the license file to finish without any change in the file, so try adding a -n to the echo command. worked for me when making available on Macos: xcode: 10.1 with bash as buildstep on deploy-android tasks It`s done once again, Gradle still doesn`t make you happy. So manual reduction is the only solution until someone can find something better. (Please!) How did you install our Android SDK? If you have AS, I bet if you run it, it will show you what needs to be updated and all the other things you need to do like accept the license. You should also be able to do this in the cmd line. On this subject, I recommend you to do a Google search, because I am sure that this problem has been seen by many people in the Android community. Accept the license `android-sdk-license-c81a61d9` [y/n]: succeeded after installation. . . .