Aupe Agreement 2018

You can view the agreement on the following pages. You will also find here a PDF of the full agreement. The collective agreement has expired and is being renegotiated by the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees. Therefore, printed copies of the agreement are not currently distributed. We can also be very sure that the government of Premier Rachel Notley breathes a modest sigh of relief at having reached an agreement with this group of employees who often serve as an ideological lightning rod for right-wing opponents of the NDP government in particular and government services in general. But with a civil service agreement, these agreements may soon follow and conclude a temporary season of work in the public sector that has marred political threats to the NDP. If so, this agreement with the AUPE will probably not give much to the opposition to have the teeth of its detractors. The Government of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees announced yesterday that they have signed a preliminary agreement on a new collective agreement covering the approximately 23,000 union members who work directly for the provincial government. I think it`s probably because these are exactly the kinds of agreements that the big public health unions, such as the Alberta Health Sciences Association and the United Nurses of Alberta, signed this year.

Similarly, last year the Alberta Teachers Association accepted a two-year contract with no salary increase, not to mention the reopening of salaries. AUPE also negotiated an essential services agreement with the government, imposed by legislation introduced by the NDP in 2016 in response to court rulings, including one from the Supreme Court of Canada, which declared general strike bans in the public sector unconstitutional. However, if I speculated, I would say that there will be no wage increase in the first two years – colloquially and in the rather illogically called “zero percent wage increases” – and a “wage opening” last year. A wage opening, often negotiated by public sector unions in this province, does exactly what it says: it allows for new wage negotiations, while everyone agrees to leave all other aspects of the agreement intact. Finance Minister Joe Ceci praised Sims in the government`s equally uninformative press release “for its efforts to support the parties during the negotiation process.” But the information you`re looking for is probably close. Learn more about the collective agreement, rights and rights of the collective agreement unit Now, hm. The page you are looking for does not seem to exist! Needless to say, a work stoppage in the public service, while extremely unlikely, would have been a disaster for the government and probably also for the union. Like this article? rabble is reader-based journalism.

-1) { window.location.replace (“”); }; ]] > Continuous Work Schedules for Schedule “A-1” Employees Paid Life Insurance for Retired or Terminated Employees (Paid Life Insurance Plan) Long-Term Disability Income Review Whatever your name, political opponents of the Alberta NDP government will make dog-like efforts to learn the details of the contract and attack the government with insane claims that it is too rich. . . .