Brooklyn College Articulation Agreement

Kingsborough Community College (KCC) maintains and updates its transfer agreements with four-year institutions. A transfer agreement is a written contract between Kingsborough Community College and a four-year college or university that includes agreed courses or programs transferred to that particular governing institution. This is the assurance that if students take university courses or programs at KCC with satisfactory grades (as indicated by the host institutions) and apply and are accepted by the four-year institution, these completed courses or programs will be applied to the bachelor`s degree. In order to maximise the transfer of credits acquired at KCC, students are urged to complete the Associate Degree before moving on to a mainstream college. Through an innovative agreement between nyu Steinhardt and yeshiva University, which aims to expand opportunities for students to prepare for a career in teaching, juniors and seniors can enroll at Yeshiva University as non-graduates, students invited to selected math or science courses at NYU. You can count on these courses on your bachelor`s degree from Yeshiva University and reduce the number of credits required to earn a master`s degree in mathematics pedagogy or a master`s degree in science pedagogy from NYU Steinhardt. The Kingsborough Community College Catalog is the official source of academic policies and procedures, requirements and other information that are essential to academic success. The catalog lists all the courses needed for each degree, as well as course descriptions, to help students choose which subjects are most interested and valued for them. The catalogue also draws students` attention to the specific requirements of colleges, rules and regulations, academic support and support, as well as the special opportunities offered on campus. Kingsborough also aims to increase its co-op enrolment agreements with senior colleges to ensure students are admitted to the four-year programme if they meet the terms of the co-op agreement. Partnerships are specific agreements between Kingsborough and the best colleges and universities that allow for a smooth transfer with scholarships to these four-year institutions: additional information about the college, including vision, policies and procedures, academic support and assistance as well as special opportunities on campus, you will find by checking the tabs on the left and clicking on each. These agreements are considered only as a reference. All questions related to course equivalents should be directed to the Transfer Student Services Center.

If you have specific questions about a Brooklyn College degree or program, you should speak to the academic department itself. The mission of the Transfer Evaluations Office is to enable students to seamlessly transition to Brooklyn College by cooperating with different departments on campus, including the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the Center for Academic Advice and Student Success (CAASS), Peer Mentoring (TransferNation), the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Financial Aid, and the Magner Career Center. . . .