Campus Crossing Lease Agreement

The Star Pass offers fully furnished accommodation. Please contact a team member with questions! In March, former UCF interim president Thad Seymour wrote a letter to off-campus real estate to work with students in these unprecedented times. Although the apartment has completely moved, Campus Crossing said both had to pay their rent over the duration of the rental, according to the complaint filed in Orange County. Residents or personal property and the customer`s vehicles are not covered by the rental agreement. We require all residents to provide proof of insurance against loss or damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, rain, water, criminal negligence of others or other reasons. You can buy rental insurance for a modest annual fee, or your parent`s insurance can provide coverage. Of course, you can also get coverage through the sponsored provider of the property. Please contact the leasing office. What does this mean for UCF students who are on an off-campus rental contract? Campus Crossings at Riverside is less than a mile from the UCR.

You are just a short walk or a quick bike ride to campus. A UCF student takes action against an off-campus residential complex after months of renting for an apartment where he no longer has property. Campus crossings on the Star Pass include Internet, water, sewers, garbage collection and pest control. Residents are required to build electricity before moving in and get them through their rental term. Campus Apartments does not offer any type of leasing buyback. However, at the discretion of management, residents may transfer the lease from their room to a new occupant, provided the new resident meets campus apartment licensing standards. While community employees can help you find a new occupant, it`s ultimately your responsibility (read more about policies and potential costs with your Community Office). “Campus Crossings offers everything you need for the student lifestyle! We are located in a favorable location on the UCF Shuttle Route and we offer spacious townhouses with 4 bedrooms, individual rentals and an Amenity package that supports healthy living, socialization and academic success. Plan a tour today to find out why we`re Orlando`s best value for money at Student Living. Ensuring their safety is cooperation. Our community policies and leases are written according to your comfort, comfort and safety. However, crime has no address and you must play an active role at all times in safeguarding your home, property and, most importantly, your own property.

Campus Apartments provides no assurance or assurance that the premises are safe from theft or other criminal activities by residents or others. We recommend that you keep your room and door closed if you are not in your apartment. UCF Acting President Thad Seymour (@ThadSeymour) sent the letter to housing managers off the #UCF campus.