Computer Rental Agreement India

All our laptop and computer rentals are rented for certain rental periods requested by our customers for a set period of time they need. We allow an additional 24 hours after the expiry of your rental period for the return of laptops and computers. This makes it possible to send complications from other unforeseen circumstances that can delay the return of your laptop or computer without a customer being charged a late fee. The lessor thus rents to the tenant and hereby rents to the lessor the personal items and accessories described on each invoice (laptop rental equipment). The initial duration of an agreement begins on the start date and ends on the end date as specified. The tenant is obliged to return the rental case to the owner on the agreed date set out in the rental agreement. After signing the laptop upon delivery, you will be fully responsible for the laptop equipment for the entire desired rental period until the laptop or computer is noticed and in the hands of our shipping courier for the return. If the loan laptop is damaged, lost or stolen, you will be held fully responsible for paying the current selling price of the laptops or computers that were in your custody during the rental period. Make sure that after receiving your laptop, you immediately check the device thoroughly for damage (no matter what the minimum it may seem) and immediately contact to inform us of the damage to avoid any complications with errors between you and the shipping service. Please see our terms and conditions of sale for more details on the damage policy. Please note the tenant`s responsibilities Once your order has been processed, it will be delivered directly to the desired location.

Among the reception addresses that are generally ideal for sending your rental laptop or computer equipment are: business addresses, hotels, convention centers, university addresses or private addresses. If you are not available to personally receive your loan equipment at the expected delivery time, a reliable person, for example. B a hotel concierge, must be available to sign your order and accept delivery. A signature is required to get all devices.. . . .