Nothing Contained In This Agreement Shall Be Construed

14. Relationship of the parties The relationship between the parties under this contract is that of an independent contractor and the company that hires the contractor. In all matters related to this agreement, each party is solely responsible for the actions of its employees and agents, and employees or representatives of one party are not considered employees or representatives of the other party. Unless otherwise stated, no party has the right, power or power to create an express or implied obligation on behalf of another party. Nothing in this agreement is intended to create or establish a joint venture, partnership, agency, trust or any other association of any kind between the parties or persons to whom it is referred. Typical notification clause: parties communicate in writing all communications between the parties by (i) personal communication, (ii) a nationally recognized courier service the next day, (iii) certified first-class mail, imperted mailing, (iv) fax or (v) email to the other party`s address indicated in this agreement, or as indicated by the other party as the address of that section for the purposes of this section. A notification under this agreement comes into effect when the other party receives it or if it is served, at the other party`s earlier entry and on the fifth business day following its sending. 7. Cumulative rights Any specific right or remedy provided for in this treaty is not exclusive, but cumulative of all other rights and remedies. A compensation provision runs the risk that your business will be held liable for damages resulting from what the other party does under the contract.

For example, your company has a contract to purchase ground meat from another company, which then integrates it into its frozen lasagna product. If ground meat is contaminated and leads to sick consumers, this provision of the contract obliges the ground meat supplier to defend any action against your company resulting from contaminated ground meat and to bear all costs and damage. If this provision was not in the contract, your company would have to sue the other company for a judgment on the damages and costs of contaminated ground meat.