Service Agreement Abu Dhabi Police

The result was a comprehensive and ambitious vision for the implementation of an enterprise GIS system that would serve the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and can be deployed and used by all UAE police and public security forces. ADP was convinced that ArcGIS would be ideal for implementing a modern sigicidary system that supports all components of the police service, including emergency field management, GIS task force management, guidance and automatic vehicle control and location. For the Abu Dhabi Police (ADP), information is one of the main pillars in strengthening public confidence in the police and its services to citizens and visitors. Force uses GIS to bring people and processes together to make better decisions. For those who have recorded road penalties on their vehicles whose goods are to be transferred, the fines must be paid in order for them to benefit from the service. All payments made through the Portal are processed by our designated reseller service provider (the “Merchant Service Provider”) and we assume no liability to you. Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters, through the Ministry of Interior, is cooperating with other UAE police forces to achieve a safer society. Abu Dhabi Police serve and secure four major districts: Abu Dhabi Island, Al-Ain City, the Outer Region and the Western Region. ADP units include police patrols, emergency measures, criminal investigations and transportation, as well as other specialties. The goal of the Abu Dhabi Police is to become a proactive intelligence police force that meets the needs of society with maximum integrity and training.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and requires a technically experienced police service. The new system can be used in the event of major natural disasters, as well as in other major and small events, such as earthquakes, large industrial fires and riots. It supports all stages of emergency management, including risk assessment, reduction, response and restoration. The system also enables careful assessment after a major incident by integrating data using the Map Common Operational Picture (COP) to analyse the effectiveness of the Agency`s response and to use non-political GIS data from ADP partners and police forces in the UAE. If the buyer has another registered vehicle, he or she is not allowed to do so. Among the challenges were finding the right maps, finding the closest and correct police resources to deal with an emergency crisis, and exchanging all the information with other relevant police services and several disaster teams. If you wish to provide Partner Services through the Portal and you meet the requirements that we have set from time to time, you may enter into a Partnership Service Agreement with us (the “Partner Service Agreement”). To support this ambitious vision, ADP also collaborated with EMC Corporation of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, to develop a state-of-the-art design for a secure virtual cloud for police GIS. .

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