Sfu Collective Agreement

B.c.. Finance Minister Colin Hansen announced that unions representing the faculties and specialized staff of the SFU concluded two-year collective agreements with the province and the university last week. “It is great news that SFU administrators and specialists have reached an agreement,” Said Minister of Advanced Education and Labour Market Moira Stilwell in a press release. “They play a key role in supporting the academic mission and are an integral part of our B.C.” However, a key element of the 2010 mandate was the absolute refusal to increase the net cost of compensation. Therefore, if one of these agreements involves wage increases, those expenses are offset by cuts in other areas. The provincial government`s website states that “the objective of the 2010 mandate is to reach collective agreements in the public sector that will be negotiated voluntarily and that will continue to help the province provide public services at a lower cost and with fiscal prudence.” Hansen added in a press release: “I am pleased that real progress continues to be made at the negotiating tables. Despite the economic downturn, unions and employers have done a good job in collective bargaining in B.C public sector. SFUFA`s negotiating proposals and priorities are defined by its members and we strongly encourage members to make recommendations and participate in the various forums that will be devoted to the review, development and selection of collective bargaining proposals. The framework agreement in force to date has been replaced by this document, which contains terms relating to the legal relationship between Aniversity and the association, collective bargaining and dispute settlement procedures, and terms of employment, including wages and benefits. Collective bargaining is therefore the basis of SFUFA`s work. It involves regular negotiations on wages, benefits and terms of employment, which are legally binding until the expiry of the agreement and will conclude a new agreement between the university and the association. On the SFUFA side, the negotiation process generally includes: consultation with members at extraordinary meetings, investigations and advisory committees; Developing proposals and research to support these proposals; A series of meetings with a team chosen by the administration to review proposals from both sides and try to reach an agreement; If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the standard options of the Labour Code are strike/lockout, although we maintain a language designed to promote mediation and/or arbitration where possible.

SFUFA is the sole legal delegate for Faculty, Teacher Category Members, Librarians and Archivists at Simon Fraser University.