What Is A Share Contribution Agreement

The assignor has fulfilled and fulfilled all the agreements, obligations and conditions that it must meet in this agreement, whether it must do so on or before the conclusion, and has obtained all the necessary authorizations, consents and qualifications to carry out the acquisition and transition described here. 11.9 Permanence. If, for whatever reason, a provision, including a sentence, clause, section or subsection of this Agreement, is invalidated, inoperative or unenforceable, these circumstances do not render that provision invalid, inoperative or unenforceable in another case or circumstance, or if another provision contained in that provision becomes invalid, inoperative or inapplicable. 4.1 Commercial activity. At and after the closing date, unless expressly prescribed in this agreement or expressly accepted by Alibaba in writing (this consent not to be retained, conditioned or delayed inappropriately), Yahoo! (only with respect to China`s affairs) and will ensure that each member of the China Group , a) China`s activity in, and only in the orderly course of the economy, substantially, as is the case so far, and make appropriate efforts to preserve intact China`s intellectual property, its current IT system, its state and its business state, and the commercial organization, making available the services of its current leaders and key collaborators. , and maintaining relationships with customers, suppliers and others who do business with it; (b) not to declare or repurchase dividends or other share distributions of a group of shares of a member of the Chinese group, to make capital expenditures, to pay due payments, to delay the payment of debts resulting from deliveries and benefits, or to make other cash payments, in all cases different from those of ordinary activity; (c) to make reasonable efforts to ensure that all physical assets and other property and property that are in possession, leased, operated, operated or in good condition, operating and operating, are leased, occupied or used under normal operating conditions; (d) no other Link (except authorized links) to sell, transfer, reject, mortgage, as a token, to ensure that one of its assets is sold, transferred, mortgaged, as a pawn, to ensure that it is granted or subject to other links other than authorized links; (e) make reasonable efforts to maintain insurance coverage comparable to the level and amount and extent of insurance coverage it now covers; (f) commitments and other commitments, when they become due and due, to be paid in the course of the ordinary activity; (g) fulfil, on all significant aspects, all obligations to it under contracts, agreements or other instruments relating to or relating to Chinese assets or activities; (h) not to enter into or accept a contract that would constitute an intellectual property contract essential to China`s activity or a hardware contract, or to modify, complete, forego or accept other modifications to China or to an intellectual property contract essential to China`s activity or equipment contract; “contract,” any legally binding written or oral agreement, a contract, a sub-contract, a lease fee, an instrument, a mention, an option, a guarantee, an order, a license, a sublicensing, a mortgage or a guarantee.